APT Business Consultant (Full-time and Summer Intern)

[職缺訊息] APT Business Consultant (Full-time and Summer Intern)

提醒大家,APT商業顧問(正職與實習)投遞履歷的期限為2017年2月5日星期日(第一波截止日)及2017年3月26日星期日(第二波截止日),採先到先審制!欲申請者請參考我們的徵才網站: http://www.joinapt.com/,歡迎各位分享給需要的朋友們!
APT (Applied Predictive Technologies)為知名美商策略顧問公司,總部位於華盛頓特區,目前於舊金山、倫敦、台北、東京、雪梨、芝加哥均設有分公司,結合大數據分析與策略思維,提供財星五百大企業專業的商業發展策略分析。客戶包含沃爾瑪、麥當勞、星巴克、朝日啤酒、屈臣氏、玉山銀行等遍布金融、餐飲、科技及零售業。
APT 非常重視人才的永續經營,提供新人豐富而完善的教育訓練,多樣化的工作內容亦能培養跨產業的絕佳視野。加入的第一年,將有數週於美國總部進行教育訓練,並有前往亞太各國拜訪客戶的機會。此外,我們提供具高度競爭力的薪資,以及豐厚的福利及休假。
APT Taipei目前開放Business Consultant職缺,歡迎任何科系的申請者前來應徵。欲申請者請準備英文履歷、英文自我推薦信(Cover Letter)、大學學位成績單,至 http://www.joinapt.com/ 申請。

Business Consultant (Full-time and Summer Intern)
• About the Position
o Following introductory training, Business Consultants play a substantial role on multiple client teams across a wide range of industries. In this setting, you will learn quickly and be exposed to diverse business issues, gaining the experience to lead key client engagements. Responsibilities include building client relationships, integrating datasets for use in APT’s proprietary software, and executing analyses that drive high-value decisions. You will help senior executives of consumer facing organizations make investment decisions that can drive millions of dollars in increased profits. At APT, you are expected not only to have a tremendous impact in transforming the way our clients do business, but also a leading role in shaping APT’s future.
• Ideal Candidate Qualification
o Demonstrated analytical/quantitative skills
o Inquisitive, with an aptitude for problem-solving
o Highly motivated, responsibility-seeking, hard-working professional
o Strong written and verbal communications
o Superior academic record at a leading national university
o Fluency required in Mandarin Chinese and English languages
Application Deadline: Rolling basis. 5,Feb 2017 (1st deadline) and 26, March 2017 (2nd deadline)