Guidelines for NCCU Dormitory Application for Fall Semester 2019

I. Application Requirements:

  1. Eligibility: sophomore, junior and senior undergraduate students in the Fall Semester of 2019 (including graduation-delaying seniors with double majors or those who had been exchange students for one year).
  2. Restrictions:

Students whose household registration is in one of the districts listed below are ineligible to apply for a dorm assignment (but they can apply for a place on the waiting list. See Article V.)

  1. Zhonghe, Yunghe, Xindian, Banqiao, Shenkeng, Shiding, Sanchong, Luzhou Districts of New Taipei City.
  2. All districts of Taipei City.

II.      Priority in assigning dorm rooms:

1.  According to Article 7 of the NCCU Student Dorm Regulations, priority in assigning dorm rooms for the coming year are reserved for those students listed below: those with physical or mental disabilities, those from low-income households, freshmen and sophomore of oversea Chinese and foreign students (students of Chinese Language Center and exchange students are not included), residents of off-shore islands, aboriginal students who have resided in an unrestricted area, verified low-income household students, outstanding students, students with verified excellent performance in dorm-related public services. Qualified applicants must submit their application before the deadline.

2.  A priority student who renounces his/her privilege can only submit a waiting list.


III.    Application Period: April 8 (Mon), 2019~April 12 (Fri), 2019. Late applications will not be accepted. (Attention! Applicants are required to go to the Cashier Section to register their personal bank account at the First Bank or the Chunghwa Post for dorm deposit/ refund and proceed with the online application.)


IV.    Application methods (Please access the iNCCU through IE 7.0 or above or Firefox instead of Chrome.):

1.      General students, foreign students, overseas Chinese, students with a physical or mental disability, students from a  low-income household, students from off-shore islands and aboriginal students: please proceed with an online application. Path:iNCCU→校務系統WEB版→學生資訊系統→住宿服務→學士班宿舍申請。You will get an email after application.

2.      Students from low-income households who did not apply for tuition deductions with the Life Guidance& Overseas Chinese Student Advising Section should attach a copy of their low-income certificate issued by the Department of Social Welfare from their city or county of household registration and submit their application in person to the Student Housing Service Section before the deadline (April 12). Late applications will not be accepted.

3.      Students who intend to go abroad for a student exchange program in the Fall Semester of 2019 and return to Taiwan in the Spring Semester of 2020 should apply for a dorm assignment during the application period. If a room is assigned to such applicant, he or she can apply to the Student Housing Service Section for assignment reservation for the Spring Semester of 2020.

4.      Physically disabled students in need of a special room: Please submit your application along with copies of official documents to the Physical and Mental Health Center for advanced assignment between April 8 (Mon) and April 12 (Fri), 2019.


I.                 Assignment method:

1.      Dorm assignment: Computer-generated random lottery-drawing will be held by Student Dormitory Self-Governing Organization members. Dorm rooms will be assigned according to numerical order.


2.      Waiting list application:

(I)               Applicants who are not chosen by the Computer-generated random lottery-drawing will automatically be placed on the non-restricted area waiting list (valid until August 28, 2019).

(II)              General graduation-delaying seniors (i.e., those who are not double majors or exchange students for one year), students from restricted areas are required to submit an online application between August 26 (Mon) and 28 (Wed), 2019.

VI.             Assignment Announcement: Please check the assignment list on the website at 9:00 April 29(Mon), 2019. Path: iNCCU→校務系統WEB版→學生資訊系統→住宿服務→學生住宿申請結果查詢。

VII.            Bed selection and application: the applicants on the assignment list are required to indicate their bed preference online between May 7 (Tue) and May 16 (Thu), 2019. Decisions regarding roommate pairing will be announced periodically. A detailed procedure will be announced later.

1.      Dormitories are divided into two categories: Quiet (JhuangJing Dormitory 1~8), and General areas (JhuangJing Dormitory 9 and ZihCiang Dormitory 10). Priority will be given to approved applicants from Seniors (in fall semester) →Juniors (in fall semester) →Sophomores (in fall semester). Those who do not indicate their bed preference online will be regarded to have renounced their dorm assignment.

  1. NCCU dormitories are divided into a General Area and a Quiet Area; applicants may choose either. Female dormitories are located in JhuangJing Dormitory 1, 6~9, Floor 2rd and 3th of ZihCiang Dormitory 9D, Building B and D of ZihCiang Dormitory 10. Male dormitories are located in JhuangJing Dormitory 2~5, Building A and C of ZihCiang Dormitory 10. The Student Housing Service Section may adjust dorm arrangements according to the number of applicants, energy conservation & carbon reduction demands, and dorm policy. Please review the environment and facility of the dormitory on the website. Path:學務處住宿輔導組網頁-宿舍場地導覽與參訪申請-各宿舍照片。

3.      Please check the floor plan at the service desk in your residence hall or Student Housing Service Section.

4.      The moving-in date for the Fall Semester of 2019 is September 1(Sun), 2019.


  • Applicants are required to read and abide by the NCCU Dormitory Counseling and Management Policies. In the event of campus development or a special situation, dorm residents should follow the school’s dorm re-assignment schedule and relocate within the designated timeframe. Beginning in 2014, residents who need to stay in the dorm during the Chinese New Year should move to the dorms specified by the Student Housing Service Section.
  1. In order to better utilize dorm space and quickly shorten the waiting list, students who choose to give up their dorm assignment should go to the Student Housing Service Section to cancel their assignment as soon as possible. After the assignment is approved, students who choose to give up their dorm assignment should go to the Student Housing Service Section to cancel their assignment. Dormitory rates can be found here, path:學務處住宿輔導組網頁-宿舍申請與床位資訊-宿舍費用及床位尺寸資訊。
  2. Q&A, please refer Attachment.
  3. Dorm residence during summer vacation is not included in this application. Students who want to apply for dorm residence during summer vacation should file their application online between May 6 (Mon) and May 10 (Fri), 2019.

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