1. Military Education: 

    The Military Education Research Group investigates curricular schedules and students' opinions of Military Education courses. The Research Group aims to increase curriculum effectiveness by continuously refining its design. Military Education courses include National Security, Technology of National Defense, History of Military Wars, Military Knowledge, and Military Science.
  2. Life Guidance: 

    Drillmasters are appointed to each college and department to provide students with life guidance. In addition, drillmasters are assigned to both male and female student dormitories to manage dormitory affairs and student activities.
  3. Administration of Campus Security: 

    Specially appointed staff members are responsible for affairs related to campus security. Conferences on security and protection issues are regularly held. Connection with the Campus Security Center of the Ministry of Education is also maintained. Here, the aim of the Military Education Office is to properly coordinate school resources to cope with possible security crises in order to minimize possible damages.
  4. Selection Exam for Reserve Military Officers: 

    The Military Education Office guides students in their preparation for the Selection Exam for Reserve Military Officers, helping increase the admission rate of NCCU students into the Reserve Officer's Corps. This assistance, in addition to counseling students about stipulations concerning their military service deduction helps graduates fulfill their military obligation while also taking into consideration their future career goals.
  5. National Chengchi University Campus Emergency Procedures .