Dormitory application for undergraduate students

Once the application is accepted, does it mean that there will be a dormitory bed granted Whether the early application will have higher possibility of being assigned with a bed

After the application being submitted, the student still needs to wait for the result of the bed assignment. The schedule of assigning beds will be announced on the bulletin. No matter whether an application is submitted early or later, as long as the application is submitted before the deadline, the possibility of being picked by the drawing is the same for all applications. The drawing is done by the computer using random selection.


If a student did not get picked from the drawing, will the student automatically be on the waiting list

If a student did not get picked from the drawing, the student will automatically become the standby and be given a standby sequential number. The beds are available for students on the waiting list. Students will be notified according to the sequence of the waiting numbers. Students can find out the standby sequential numbers from the iNCCU website. The information includes the total number of applicants on the waiting list and the sequential number that the student is given.  


If I am a foreign student (or a student with protective benefits), do I still have to apply for the dormitory online?

Yes, every student who is seeking for a bed in the dormitory is required to apply online, including students with protective benefits (for relevant information about protective benefits, please see the dormitory supervisor and the management guidelines, Article 7). If a foreign student is not familiar with the process and the work flow, please contact the Office of International Cooperation for assistance.


If I forgot to apply the dormitory before the deadline, is there any process that I can make up for it?

If a student did not manage to complete the online application for the dormitory during the designated time, the student can only apply to be on the waiting list. The date of applying to be on the waiting list is announced on the web bulletin of the Student Housing Service Group. 


Bed selection

How to make the selection that has better chance to be granted with a dormitory bed?

The choices of dormitory bed include 5 major categories, "all", "dormitory area", "number of bed per room", "floor number", and "room number". The order of preference is irrelevant to the chance of getting a dormitory bed. To increase the opportunity of being granted a dormitory bed can be by filling out a larger number for "dormitory area" wherein "floor number" has a higher success rate than "room number"; "number of bed per room" has higher success rate than "floor number" and so on. 


Why am I unable to log in to the dormitory bed selection system?

It is recommended to use IE7 or later version or FIREFOX browsers to access the university computer systems. Google browser is not supported in the systems. 


Cancellation of the dormitory residence

If I need to cancel the dormitory residence, what is the refund policy?

According to the Guidelines and Regulations of the Student Housing Program, Article 13, the standards of the refund (supplementary payment) of the dormitory residence are as follows: Cancellation of the dormitory residence 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the class will receive full refund. Cancellation of the dormitory residence from 2 weeks to one day before the beginning of the class is required to pay a fee of NT$500 for "delay of canceling the dormitory residence" before a full refund can be issued or an enrollment registration document is replaced. For students who have already checked in to the dormitory, in additional to the NT$500 fee for "delay of canceling the dormitory residence", students have to pay off the accumulated expenses of "delay of canceling the dormitory residence" for the duration starting the day of residence, before a refund can be issued or an enrollment document is replaced. Cancellation of dormitory residence within 10 days after the classes begin will receive a refund of 2/3 of the total payment.  Submitting the cancellation of dormitory residence between 10 days, after the classes begin, and 1/3 of the semester base day will receive a refund of 1/2 of the total payment. Cancellation of dormitory residence after 1/3 of the semester base day will not receive any refund.


Off-campus rentals

After signing an off-campus rental contract and ready to move in, students need to pay attention to any specific matters

After students have signed a rental contract and are ready to move in, matters that need their attention are

(1) For personal safety and privacy, it is recommended to change a new door lock and thoroughly inspect whether there is any peephole video monitor installed to secure personal safety.

(2) Maintain a good and interactive relationship with neighbors and other tenants thus to have the benefits of good neighboring. 

(3) Avoid taking the elevator alone with another stranger.

(4) Avoid walking in a dark alley at night and returning home alone at night.

(5) When renting off-campus places, attention shall be given to the use of electricity. Be sure to inspect and turn off all switches, stove and oven to prevent accidents from happening.

(6) When renting off-campus places, be sure to inform family members and departmental military instructor the correct current address and telephone number.

(7) Please maintain self-discipline on the personal life and conduct to avoid causing disturbance to the landlord and other tenants.


In case of any unexpected incident happens while living in the off-campus rental place, how to get help

In case of any unexpected incident happens while living in the off-campus rental place, seek needed help by contacting the university's "Emergency contact telephone number". 
(1) daytime: Office of Student Affairs, Student Housing Service, Off-campus housing service (02) 29387167 (direct) or Military instructor office 0919099119 (direct)
(2) night: Office of head officer on duty 0919099119 (direct)


Graduate students dormitory application

What are the costs of graduate student dormitory each semester and for the summer break?

(1) Dormitory fee of one semester

The dormitory areas for male graduate students are located in ZhiCiang Dormitory 1-3 and Building A and C of ZhiCiang Dormitory 10.

The dormitory areas for female graduate students are located in ZhiCiang Dormitory 9 and Building B and D of ZhiCiang Dormitory 10.

The dormitory fee varies depending on the semester and dormitory buildings, 

Please go to the web page links of the Student Housing Services Group for details of dormitory fees by semester:


(2)"Dormitory fee for summer break" is 1/2 of that during semester.

(3) "Dormitory fee for winter break" is included in the fee of the semester and no additional fee is charged.

In addition, every student who stays in the dormitory is required to pay NT$1000 as the "room deposit". The room deposit is refundable once the student completes the check-out procedure; students who have not completed the check-out procedure when moving out can not receive the refund of the room deposit.  


For newly admitted graduate students and existing graduate students who do not live in the dormitories, how to apply the graduate student dormitories?

(1) Students with household registrations belong to the non-restricted areas:

1Newly admitted graduate students: Submit the dormitory application when register the online new student profile in July.

2Existing graduate students: Apply the dormitory online when the guidelines and regulations for the graduate student dormitory application of the current academic year is announced.

(2) Students with household registrations belong to the restricted areas only are allowed to apply the dormitories in August.

Guidelines for the graduate student dormitory application are available on the Student Housing Service web pages -- Latest News.


Graduate student dormitory application

How the graduate students on the waiting list fill in vacancies? How was the progress of standbys filling in vacancies in the past?

(1) The process of filling the graduate student dormitory vacancy is based on the "sequential numbers of dormitory waiting list" generated by computers for students who are not assigned with a bed at the time of submitting the dormitory application.  During the semester, if there are students suspended, discharged, or graduated, and canceling the dormitory residence and moving out from the dormitory, the Students Housing Service Group will notify students on the waiting list via emails.  

Students are reminded to frequently update relevant telephone numbers and the email addresses under university students' "Personal profile - data maintenance" web pages ( please set the university granted email address under student identification as the "main contact email address" to avoid emails to be blocked, missing important housing messages, and affecting personal rights and benefits.)

(2) Progress of filling the vacancies: The speed of filling the vacancy depending on the conditions of the vacancy. Past records are for references only; the progress varies each year slightly. Filling in the vacancy from those on the waiting list only happens when students of dormitory residence violate the dormitory regulations or cancel the dormitory residence. Thus, the timing and progress is uncertain.


When students are not assigned with dormitory beds, will the university provide off-campus rental information?

Please visit the university web pages: NCCU website home pageAdministrationOffice of Student AffairsStudent Housing ServiceOff-campus rental information. (Students must log in with the email account password. Newly admitted students who have not had the student identification number please contact the Student Housing Service Group.)

The "Handbook of the student off-campus rental instructions" and blank forms of "Standard Rental Contract" are available free of charge at the office of the Student Housing Service Group (Administration Building, 3rd Floor).