Emergency Aids

Call 119

  1. National Chengchi University is included in the Taipei Municipal WanFang Hospital area, which is managed by WenShan 119 Fire Brigade.
  2. Procedure for calling 119 
    Report who you are -> where you are -> how many patients and their characteristics -> the patient's condition or symptoms -> your contact number -> Report to the guards 

    For example: 
    I am Miss Chiu, a nurse at Chengchi University. A female student fainted in Computer classroom No. X, during class. Her face is pale and she has a cold sweat. She is breathing slowly, but deeply and her pulse is weak. Please send an ambulance right away. My phone number is 8237-7423.
  3. 119 Duty Center will take the following measures once an emergency call is received, depending on the actual situation: 
    (1) Send an ordinary ambulance 
    (2) Send an ICU ambulance (All ambulances sent will be equipped with a driver and two nurses) 
    (3) Ask for help from the hospital in the duty area
  4. We offer support from our medical team according to the procedure of handling emergency injury and illness of National Chengchi University

Emergency Numbers on Campus

Health Care Team 8237-7424、8237-7428
Military Education Office 2938-7132、2939-3091 ext 67132 or 66119
Guard Office 2938-7129、2939-3091 ext 66110 or 66001


Locations of First-aid Kits

1. Sports grounds:The kits are in the janitor's office 
(1) SihWei Tennis Court 
(2) Round Hill Tennis Court 
(3) Uphill basketball and volleyball courts 
(4) Physical Education Office 
(5) Swimming Pool 

2. Dormitories:You may find the kits from teachers, dormitory service staff or janitors. 
3. The kits are also available in the guard offices at the back gate and side gate of the university. 

Contents of the first-aid kit: 
Better-Iodine, sports injury ointment, insect bite ointment, plasters of all sizes, disinfection dressings, elastic bandages, triangular bandage, tapes and instructions on first aid. We also provide ice packs and ice for ice massage, which is available in the Physical Education Office, in the case of sports injury. 

If you don't know how to handle a medical emergency, please call us at: 8237-7424 or 8237-7428