Counseling Services

1. Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a process, which through interaction with the counselor, helps students clarify their problems, provides information, and seeks a possible solution. Whoever encounters problems about study, life, mentality, or future direction is welcome to the Counseling Center. 

You may finish the online intake reservation to get started.

2. Case management of crises

While enrolled at NCCU, sometimes things happen all of a sudden that make you feel stressed and you do not know what to do. In some cases, you even lose the control of your life. These things include threats of violence, accidental injuries, and conflicts with other people. If this occurs, or if you aware that some students need professional guidance, you are welcome to visit the Center for assistance. The Center has professionals on duty every day to help you deal with sudden changes in your life and help steer your life back to normal.

3. Groups & Workshops

The members share and exchange their thoughts and feelings in order to achieve self-realization; furthermore understand others. The groups meet once a week, totally six to ten times. The workshops are intensive courses in more than one day, which helps students understand their inner world. It is safe and comfortable because what is discussed in activities will be kept confidential. The subjects of the course include:Self-exploration, Interpersonal relationship, Intimate relationship, Career planning and management, Family communication, Stress management.

4. Psychological Testing

Do you understand yourself? Do you hesitate about which way to go in the future? You are welcome to make use of the psychological tests in the Center, which will lead to the objective analysis from the sample of professional statistics. It is very important for you to select the test that matches your need and later analyzed by the professional. All the tests are in Chinese. 

5. Speech & Forum

We invite well-known scholars and teachers to hold various kinds of speeches and forums from time to time. The theme includes interpersonal communication skills, adaptability to college life, psychology of love, aspects of changing a major or taking a minor, career development, self-development and learning, etc. We are concerned about any question you are concerned about.