Resource Room

In order to fulfill the goal of equality of basic human rights as presented in the Constitution of the Republic of China, National Cheng Chi University, aided by the Ministry of Education, established the Resource Room in 2001. The goal of the room is to construct a barrier-free environment on campus and to promote the quality of life among physically and mentally challenged students. Our basic goal is to assist students to overcome the learning, living, mobility, and other obstacles they may face. Our higher goal is to cultivate a positive view of life for students and promote their ability to solve problems, tolerate frustration, establish interpersonal relations, and plan their own future. 

In the near future, the resource room will integrate other social resources to further meet students' individual needs. In particular, we will cooperate with the business sector to create summer internship opportunities for students, which will provide students greater employment opportunities upon graduation. 

If you are an international student studying at NCCU and are interested in our resource room or are in need of a counselor's assistance, we wholeheartedly welcome you to our resource room. If you are a visiting scholar or a friend from another country and are interested in our resource room, we welcome you as well.