Performance_Chronology on Death

Chronology on Death

  • Date & Time: 28/04/2016-29/04/29/2016 19:30-20:30
  • Venue: Audiovisual Theater, NCCU Art & Culture Center
  • Performer: approaching theatre
  • Director: Koh Choon-eiow
  • Playwright: Chua Seng-shen, Koh Choon-eiow
  • Actor: Chua Teck-yeo, Koh Choon-eiow
  • Lighting Designer: Wei Cheng-chuan

Program Synopsis│

Carrying a Corpse: Records of a journey through the absurdity of existence This performance is based on a true story reported in the Malaysian news. The show begins with man mumbling to himself, two others lowly talking in secret, and a crowd of other voices all talking about the corpse that remains silent. The story begins before the funeral: two brothers discover that their father was not only a Daoist but also a Muslim, which received attention from Islamic leaders in the country. This dual religious identity spurred on the question of how and where their father ought to be buried. Two men and one corpse together created an elegy to life and death whose graceful resonance emerges from chaos. This performance is about identity, memory, dreams, and survival—what else is left to surprise us?

About approaching theatre│

contemplation, action, energy

A theatre duo formed by Koh Choon-eiow (Malaysia) and Cheng Yin-chen (Taiwan). The duo seeks to approach the essence of theatre art through creative writing and education with introspective awareness. The duo quests for the cultural lineage in theatre, the vehicle of social and artistic consciousness. Usually originating from literature, the productions feature raw, fierce language and dynamic, vigorous tempo. Established in the essential serenity of cultural tradition, the performance of the duo inquires into contemporary human conditions and alientation as well as traces human identities in historical contexts. In terms of education, the conservatoire of approaching theatre studies with Mr. Chou Yi-chang and Mr. Chen Wei-cheng. Focusing on enlightenment and raising corporal/mental awareness, the conservatoire actively provides workshops and long-term courses in both reading and performing to explore and enlarge the theatrical lexicon aesthetically and contemplatively. Founded on the creeds described above, approaching theatre now actively assembles resources from everywhere to expand the horizons of ever-interactive intelligentsia and persist in aesthetic creative praxis through theatre art.

Please note:

  • The content of this work is suitable for mature audiences only. It is suggested that viewers be at least 18 years of age.
  • The program lasts 60 minutes and there is no intermission.
  • Individuals arriving late may not enter.