First Notice of the Application for Dorm Vacancies for 2021 Fall Semester

Dorm Vacancies Available:

Males: 67 beds in total. 47 in ZihCiang Dormitory 6(room for 4 people),18 in Buildings D of ZihCiang Dormitory 9(double room),1 in ZihCiang Dormitory 10(double room).

Females: 63 beds in total.  1 in JhuangJing Dormitory 9(room for 4 people),61 in ZihCiang Dormitory 9(room for 4 people), 1 in ZihCiang Dormitory 10(double room).


I. Eligibility: Waiting list for males No. 1-67 and for females No. 1-63.

II. Time: June 16 (Wed) 9:00~ 16:00.

Method: online registration, website:

Click on the bed of your choice instead of the preference list. Eligible applicants who do not complete online registration will be deemed as having waived their right.

(Please access the website through IE 7.0 or above or Firefox instead of Chrome)

III. Payment: The dorm fee will automatically be listed on the registration slip for the 2021 Fall Semester after the applicant successfully completed the online registration.

IV. Fire Safety training
New dorm residents are required to complete fire safety training.


V. Dorm Waivers and Refunds

1. Dorm residents who are assigned a bed and decide to waive the bed are requested to submit the “Application for Canceling the Dorm Assignment(New Semester)” or “Application for Leaving the Dorm Assignment” (downloaded from the official website of the Student Housing Service Section) to Student Housing Service Section.

2. Refund Policy

(1) Applications submitted more than two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester are eligible for a new registration slip for free and no dorm fee is required.

(2) Applications submitted during the two weeks prior to the day before the beginning of the semester will be charged NTD 500 for a late waiver application. A full refund or a new registration slip without a dorm fee will be allowed. Residents who move into the dorm will be charged a dorm fee beginning with the first day of dorm residence in addition to the delayed waiver application fee before submitting the refund application.

(3) Applications submitted during the first ten days since the semester begins will be refunded 2/3 of the dorm fee.

        The refund policy stated above can be found in Article 13 of the NCCU Student Dorm Management Regulations.


Student Housing Service Section