Contingency measures for the dorm in response to Covid-19 alert raise

In response to the CDC announcement that Taipei city and New Taipei city has entered a COVID-19 level 3 alert situation until May 28 of 2021, we make public the dorm contingency measures as follows,

1 Before entering the dorms, please go to the front desk to take body temperatures on your own. If your temperature reach higher than 37.5 Celsius, please do not enter the dorm and be advised to go to the hospital and contact the dorm counselors for needed assistance. 

2. When you go into/ out of the dorm, please wear your mask all the way and keep windows open. 

3. The saloon is allowed for no more than 2 peoples for gathering or discussion.

4. When you have talks with other people in the dorm, make sure put on your face mask at all time and keep a social distance of 1.5 meters indoors or 1 meters outdoors. When you have meals, please keep distance with each other when seated and talk is banned. 

5. The study room, small conference rooms and cafeteria of Zih-Chiang Dorm 10 will be closed for some time. 

6. The dorm visits are banned. 

7. If the relatives of dorms residents need to assist moving objects, they have to register with real names, take body temperatures, and wear masks. Also the above relatives have to show to the guard the photocopy of student ID cards of the students to be assisted.

8. Due to a campus security policy, the food delivery is prohibited from campus, students have to pick up the foods at school’s front gates.

In addition we have requested dorm cleaners to put on masks, and strengthen the cleaning of public areas that is frequently used, places such as door knobs public toilets, bathrooms, stairways etc.    

If there is any new information, we will have it updated.


Student Housing Service Section