Guidelines for the NCCU Graduate Dormitory Application of 2021 Academic Year

I. Targeted Applicants:

NCCU graduate students whose registered permanent residences are located in the unrestricted area. Restricted areas for 2021 academic year (applicable to Taiwanese students) include:

i.  Zhonge, Yunghe, Xindian, Shenkeng, Banqiao, Shiding, Sanchong, and Luzhou Districts of New Taipei City.

ii. All Districts of Taipei City.


II. Application:

i. 2021 New graduate students 、  Phd. students 、  Current graduate students :

Please follow the path to apply between Aug 9 and Aug 11, 2021,  Path: iNCCU →   校園資訊系統→校務系統Web版→住宿服務→學生宿舍申請→110學年碩博士班宿舍申請

Foreign ,Overseas Chinese Graduate Students and Mainland Chinese Students that have lived in the dorm for the first year at NCCU and have never received an undergraduate or graduate degree from a Taiwan college or university must take part in the dorm lottery for the second year.

ii. Mainland Chinese students, Overseas Chinese students: 

Please contact Life Guidance and Overseas Chinese Student Advising Section: 02-29393091ext.62227, 63011

iii. New International students:

Please contact Office of International Cooperation:  02-29393091ext.62058

iv. Dorm areas:

Male dormitories are located in Buildings A and C of ZhiCiang Dormitory 10.Female dormitories are located in Buildings B and D of ZhiCiang Dormitory 10. Master’s program students will be assigned to twin-bed rooms and Ph.D. students will be assigned to single rooms. Unoccupied beds in ZhiCiang Dormitory 1, 2 and 3 and JhuangJing Dormitory 9 will also be assigned to qualified individuals.


III. Assignment announcement:

Please check online after 16:00 p.m. on August 13, 2021. Path: iNCCU → 校園資訊系統→ 校務系統WEB版→學生資訊系統→住宿服務→110學年碩博班住宿申請結果查詢.

Applicants who fail to be assigned to a bed will be placed on the waiting list.


IV. Bed Request:

Applicants on the assignment list are required to indicate their bed preference online between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on August 17 and August 18, 2021. The outcome of roommate pairing will be decided at 6 p.m. on both days, e-mailed to the applicants’ school e-mail account and open for online confirmation. Applicants who fail to indicate their bed preference during the designated time period will be automatically assigned to available vacant beds by the computer on August 19.


V. Waiting list application:

i. Please follow the path to apply for the waiting list between August 17 and 22: iNCCU → 校園資訊系統 → 校務系統Web版→住宿服務 → 學生宿舍申請 → 110學年碩博士班宿舍候補申請.

ii.The priority of waiting list:

1. Applicants who are not chosen by the computer lottery-drawing on August 13 .

2. Graduate students who reside in a restricted area.

3. Graduate students who exceed the period of residence

Please check online after 16:00 p.m. on August 23, 2021. Path: iNCCU → 校園資訊系統→ 校務系統WEB版→學生資訊系統→住宿服務→110學年碩博班宿舍候補結果查詢.


VI. New dorm residents are required to complete a fire-safety training session.

Time: September 6, 2021. Details will be announced on the “news” of the website of Student Housing Service Section.

※Anyone who has not participated in the fire-safety training session shall bring the Form  (downloaded from the website of Student Housing Service Section) to the Fire Safety Museum of the Taipei City Fire Department in Neihu District of Taipei City to complete the training.  The form should be validated and submitted to the Student Housing Service Section before November 9, 2021.

※Dorm residents who do not complete the training should be assigned 8-10 penalties on their permanent record according to the NCCU Residence Hall Counseling and Management Policy. Penalties will accumulate every time a dorm resident fails to complete the training.  Dorm residents with more than 10 penalties will be asked to move out of the dorm.


VII. Other Information

i. Restrictions on residence in graduate student dormitories

Qualified applicants (applicants whose permanent residence is located in the unrestricted area):

Master students may reside in the dorm for no more than four semesters, Ph.D. students may reside in the dorm for no more than eight semesters. The period of residence begins when the application is approved for the first time.

ii. Students who wish to extend their  stay in the dorms over the summer vacation  need to re-apply online during the period stipulated in the school calendar.

Applications for the summer vacation may be submitted between the middle of May of each year. Current residents who do not re-apply online during this period should move out all of their belongings from the dorm, regardless they intend to continue their residence in the following semester or not.

iii. Dorm applicants are required to abide by the NCCU Dormitory Counseling and Management Policy, NCCU Residence Hall Deposit Policy:

(I) Students who is approved dorm should move into and out of the dorm on the dates set by the university. Moving in earlier or moving out later is not permitted. Otherwise the resident in question will be punished.

(II) Students who cancel their dorm application must complete the procedure, so that the tuition bill for the following semester can be updated and the dorm fee/deposit can be refunded. Applicants, who do not complete the moving-out procedure according to these regulations, will not be refunded the deposit. International exchange students should go to their own department office to submit the dormitory deposit refund application.

(III) Others unstated regulations please check at:




  Student Housing Service Section