Notice for Extending Residence Application for Undergraduate Dorm Residents for Spring Semester 2021

The Notice for Extending Residence Application for Undergraduate Dorms is only uphill area.

  1. Uphill Area(ZihCiang Dormitory)(To make room for summer camp residents, the deadline for dorm residence extension for the uphill area will be shifted to July 10)
    1. Deadline for residence extension: June 26(Sat) to July 10(Sat), according to the applicants’ requests. All current residents should move out of their dorm rooms and complete the move-out inspection by 10am.
    2. All beds of designated areas are available for application: Female:ZihCiang Dormitory 7 & 8 ; Male: ZihCiang Dormitory 5 & 6.
    3. Target:Undergraduate Dorm Residents of the 2021 Spring Semester.
    4. Application period: 9am-4pm, June 1(Tue), 2021.

       Apply on the website (

  1. Payment: Applicants need to come to Student Housing Service Section between 9am June 8 to 4pm June 9 to pay. The applications will not be completed until the fee is paid. NTD 150 per day for extended residence. The fee begins accumulating from June 27 (Sun). No refunds will be provided under any circumstances. Please see Attachment A for information concerning fee standards.
  2. Bed assignment: In order to save time and energy, beds will be assigned in certain areas according to the sleeping habits of two groups: those who sleep before and after 12 am. The beds will be assigned in sequence; applicants are not allowed to choose beds for themselves.


  1. Move-out Inspection and Deadline:
  2. Applicants must move out of their dorm rooms no later than the extended time indicated on the application. The dorm deposit for the 2021 Spring Semester will not be refunded until the move-out procedure is completed. Residents should clean their assigned room, complete the move-out inspection to the Desk. Residents who fail to complete the move-out procedure will forfeit their deposit of NTD 1000. If any dorm property is damaged or lost due to residents’ action, the excessive fees will be charged or a record of violation will be taken down to the residents, in addition to the deposit confiscation.
  3. Residents are required to allow the dorm service staff to enter their dorm rooms for purposes of equipment inspection and maintenance.


  • Notes:
  1. Dorm residents for 2021 Spring Semester are required to move out of their dorm rooms between June 25(Fri) and June 26(Sat), no later than 3pm June 26(Sat). Approved summer stay residents and those with extended residence should move to their newly assigned room at that time.
  2. Only one of the applications for "Summer stay" and "Extending residence" can be processed.


Student Housing Service Section