Notice for graduate students applying to stay in the dorms for summer vacation of 2021

I. Application methods and Period:

i. Graduate Students currently (2021 spring semester) residing :

Please proceed with online application during May 18, 2021~ May 20, 2021, Path: 政大首頁→iNCCU→校園資訊系統→校務系統WEB版→學生資訊系統→住宿服務→學生宿舍申請→109學年碩博士班暑假宿舍申請。

ii. Other graduate students :

Please come to the Student Housing Service Section for dorm application and pay the dorm fee during May 25, 2021~ May 26, 2021.

iii. Summer credit program students from all departments and centers: please apply for dorm and pay dorm fees to the relevant department or center office. All the offices must submit their dorm applications before May 21, 2021 to the Student Housing Service Section for dorm assignment.

Late applications will not be accepted.


II. Dorm Assignment:

Currently residing applicants will stay in the current rooms, the others will be assigned to ZihCiang Dormitory 10.


III. Summer residence period:

From July 1, 2021 to 12 p.m. (noon) August 31, 2021.

※ Graduate students could move to the new room after 12 p.m. (noon) June 30, 2021 if they change the summer dorm.

※ Graduate students who apply for dorms for the summer vacation dorm but do not stay for the following semester , should move out of the room before 12 p.m. (noon) Aug 31, 2021.


IV. Summer dorm fee & refunds:

i. Summer dorm fee: Equal to one-half of the dorm fee for the Spring Semester of 2021.

ii. Graduate students who have paid for summer stay and decide to cancel the dorm assignment should apply for a refund and submit their payment receipts to the Student Housing Service Section before June 24, 2021.

iii. Students who apply for canceling the dorm and check out of dorm before July 31 of 2021 will get 1/3 of the accommodation fee as refunds ; Late applications are not accepted.


V. Deadline and methods of payment:

July 5, 2021 to July 9, 2021. Please download the bill of “Summer Dorm” (暑宿費) on the First Bank webpage and pay the dorm fee. Any late payment will lead to the cancellation of the dorm assignment and such applicants must move out of the dorm before 12 p.m. (noon) June 30, 2021. (First Bank webpage:


VI. Further information:

i. For all students who did not apply for dorm for the summer vacation residence, or those who have applied but have not paid the summer dorm fee, please move out before 12 p.m. (noon) June 30, 2021. If they still live in the dorms during summer vacation, they will be required to pay the summer residence fee, and be asked to move out of the dorm immediately without the right of appeal when they are found out. Additional punishments will be imposed in accord with the relevant NCCU regulations.

ii. Graduate students who do not apply for dorms for the summer vacation should move out of the rooms according to the dormitory regulation. The room (including your closets) should be cleared of personal items and cleaned. In order for the summer camp students to move in, please do not lock the door when moving out. Anyone who does not clear the space according to the regulation, the items will be disposed of and the deposit will not be returned.

iii. 2020 graduate students who have graduated and applied for the summer dorms can still use their student ID for dorm security until the end of August.



Student Housing Service Section