Procedure Notice for Canceling Dormitory Assignments for the 2020 Spring Semester

NoticeDuring the Chinese New Year (1/23-1/27), all service of the Dormitory will be closed temporarily.

I. Undergraduate Dormitory(except for exchange student)

1.Students who cancel their dormitory assignment (including those students who take part in a student exchange program or graduate during the 2020 spring semester) should:

A. Fill out the Pre-semester Application for Canceling the Dorm Assignments (attachment A) and submit it to the Student Housing Service Section before December 16(FRI), 2019, in order to remove the dorm fee from the tuition bill for the spring semester.

B. Move out of the dormitory before January 31(FRI), 2020. Fill out the Application for Leaving the Dorm/Deposit Refund (Attachment B) and request the dormitory management to seal on your application form on the day you move out. Then submit the form to the Student Housing Service Section during office hours to start the refund process for the dormitory deposit.

B. Students who do not move out of the dormitory prior to January 31 (FRI), 2020, will be charged a fee in accordance with the relevant dormitory refund policy (Attachment C).

2. The dorm fee for the winter vacation is included in the tuition bill for the spring semester, so students who continue their stay are eligible to remain in their dorm until the beginning of the 2020 summer vacation.


Student Housing Service Section