Notifications for Current Residents who Plan to Move out in Fall 2019 (PhD. and Graduate Students only)

I. Eligibility

A. PhD. students are guaranteed 8 semesters while graduate students are guaranteed 4 semesters of dormitory. Students with guaranteed dorm are allowed to live on campus for the following academic year. However, if residents desire to move out , need to submit a moving-out application to the Student Housing Service Section by May 20, 2019.

B. After guaranteed year in residence, students are not eligible for a dorm guarantee. If students wish to live on campus for the following academic year, they may submit an application for waitlist.

    PhD. students who moved into campus dorm prior to Fall 2015 and stayed for eight semesters are required to move out .

    Graduate students who moved into campus dorm prior to Fall 2017 and remained for four semesters.

C. International Students, Overseas Chinese Students and Mainland Chinese Students (Exchange Students Excluded) who was guaranteed in 2018 academic year, need to apply online and be  detemined by random lotter drawing. 


II. Move-out Dates and Instructions 

A. Current residents who plan to move out in Fall 2019 are required to complete the Request to  (see attachment 1) submit canceling the Dorm Assignment to the Student Housing Service Section for waiving of dorm fees on their registration bill. Deadline is May 20, 2019.

B. Housing Systems will verify eligibility for international students, Overseas Chinese students, Mainland Chinese students, and students without guaranteed housing.


III. Room Inspection

Current residents are required to move out no later than 12 p.m. (noon) on Saturday,  June 30, 2019. The assigned room must be completely vacated and officially inspected by the Desk of Dormitory . If any property is left behind after you move out,

the Housing Staff will dispose of it and will deduct your security deposit.  Students should follow these instructions upon moving out. Adhering to these instructions and completing the moving-out and refund form (see attachment 2) will ensure that their  deposit is returned.



IV. Summer Housing or Extend Application

A. Current residents (2019 Spring Semester) who need to remain on dormitory during the summer vacation  or who plan to extend must apply online.  In early of May, announcement will be provided on the website.

B. Current residents applying for summer vacation do not need to move out of their rooms and will be able to remain during the extend period. Otherwise, residents must vacate the residence halls and complete the moving-out process by 12 p.m. on June 30, 2019.


V. Notice

Currents residents with guaranteed dorm may retain theirdorm in accordance with the fixed arrangements of accommodation. Dorm fees will be placed on student registration bill. Current residents who plan to move out in the Fall Semester 2019 must submit a request to the Student Housing Service Section as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in a additional charge.



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