Notice for Dormitory Room Replacement Application for graduate students in the 1st semester of the academic year 2019

I. Applicants: Current residing master or doctor students who pass extending their stay in the dorms through 2019 successfully.

II. Time for moving to the new room: students who transfer room successfully could move to the new room from September 1, 2019.

III. Application Periods: from 9:00a.m. June 4 to 4:00p.m. June 5, 2019.

IV. Application Procedures: Online Application. Login in to the system, select the empty beds or exchange beds with other applicants. Your replacement succeed once you get the confirmation.


V. Precautions:

1. Once you make the room replacement, the information will be updated in the 1st semester of the academic year 2019, and the original room will be available for others.

2. For twin rooms, please make sure that your bed number matches with the system.

※ Bed number 1 indicates the right or lower bed while number 2 indicates the left or upper bed.

3. After confirmation, please print the「Application Form For Room Transfer」

(1)The *upper part* of the form should be submitted to the office of Student Housing Service Section by 4:00p.m. June 5, 2019 for records.

(2)Please keep the *lower part* of the form and submit it to the service desk of the new dormitory when moving into the new room.

4. Students residing in summer vacation could move to the new room from August 31, 2019.

Student Housing Service Section