Guidelines for NCCU Undergraduate Student Dormitory Bed Request for 2024 Fall Semester and 2025 Spring Semester

Application Period: April 29 (Mon) ~ May 9(Thu), divided into two stages. Residents without completing the online application mean waiving their right to a bed assignment.

Online request and result inquiry:

(Please access the website through the browser Chrome or Firefox or Edge. Don’t use mobile phone, ipad, or iso system to access the website)




Request Method

1. Online request and system assignment

April 29 (Mon),

April 30 (Tue)


Online application between

9 am~4 pm every day

May 2 (Thu),

May 3 (Fri)

Senior-to-be and Junior-to-be

May 6 (Mon),

May 7 (Tue)

Senior-to-be, Junior-to-be, Sophomore-to-be

2. Filling Vacancies

May 8 (Wed),

May 9 (Thu)

Approved residents who fail to be assigned a bed

Online request among available beds

I.Online request and system assignment:

 1.Time: 9 am- 4 pm, April 29 (Mon) ~ May 7 (Tue)

 * 9 am -4 pm: Online registration and selection.

 * 4 pm -6 pm: System assignment-System will shut down to assign beds.

 * 6 pm Assignment completed: System will send a confirmation email to applicants. Applicants can log in the system to know their bed assignment result.

(1)Team: A team has 2-4 members. The maximum of team members depends on the max of beds in the room available on the sign-up day. A team must have a leader. All the team members have to complete their online confirmation so that the leader can make the room request. Team members don’t need to reconfirm their leader’s request.

(2)Individual: An individual applicant can register personally and make a room request.

Team application Procedure

Step 1:Leader logs in ⇒ Build a Team ⇒ Key in the student numbers of all members ⇒ Team building completed

Step 2:Team members log in ⇒ Confirm team membership

Step 3:Leader reloads the webpage ⇒ Preference Request Option on the upper right webpage corner ⇒ Dorm room request

Individual Application Procedure

Step 1:Individual logs in ⇒ Build a Team

Step 2:Preference Request Option on the upper right webpage corner ⇒ Dorm room request


2.The preferences have 5 categories: No Request, Dorm Area, Bed Number, Floor and Room Number. A team or an individual can make up to 10 requests. A request in a prior category will have a higher chance to get assignment. (For example, a request for No Request will have a higher chance for assignment than a request for Room Number.)

3.Assignment Method: The system will give all teams and individuals a random number and assign rooms in number sequence.

*Strategy Tips:

Request 1-5: Choose your preferred Room Number

Request 6-7: Choose your preferred Floor

Request 8-9: Choose your preferred Dorm Area

Request 10: Choose No Request(Random assignment by computer)

If team members don’t like the system assignment result, the leader can cancel it and make a new request next day. Only vacant beds will be available for the new assignment.


II.Filling Vacancies:

    Time: 9 am May 8 (Wed)4 pm May 9 (Thu) (Two days)

   Approved applicants without being assigned a bed should make an online request again for the beds still available in the system. The selection will be the final bed assignment. Applicants failing to complete their bed request by 4 pm, May 9 (Thu) will be considered waving their dorm assignment for the 2024 academic year and the bed will be available to those on the waiting list.



  1. The floor plan of each dorm can be available at the Front Desk of JhuangJing Dormitory and ZihCiang Dormitory 10.
  2. The system provides the information of roommates’ sleeping habits. When making a room request, please choose your roommates with similar habits to avoid unnecessary disturbance and inconvenience.
  3. In order to better utilize beds available, avoid vacancies and benefit the applicants on the waiting list, approved applicants wanting to waive their bed assignment please complete the assignment renouncement at the Student Housing Service Section ASAP to avoid any delay of their registration payment.
  4. For information concerning dorm fees for the academic year of 2024, please refer to:

Student Housing Service Section