YESPORTS x APRU - Association of Pacific Rim Universities: Esports Career Webinar Series - Career Plan For Young Gamers

Esports is a growing area that offers several viable career options to people, though it may not yet be common knowledge to everyone. There is still a misconception held by some that playing video games is a waste of time and not constructive or valuable to a person$B!G(Bs development or career. But esports actually presents job seekers with genuine opportunities.

Esports is set to generate almost $500m in global revenues in 2016, and more companies are getting involved in this space than ever before. This means more jobs are becoming available, both for newcomers and those already experienced within the industry.

We will look at the academic, social/emotional benefits, and how we can prepare our students for future opportunities in and around the fast-growing industry in the world, while also creating an esports pipeline that students can follow.



Date: 7th July 2021 (Wed)

Time: 9am (GMT +8)


Presenters Information:

Joe Jacko is the League of Legends Head Coach at the University of Southern California as well as the Head Esports Coach at Westridge School for Girls. Previously, he spent 2 years playing League of Legends at the collegiate level and collectively won over $20,000 in esports scholarships with his team at Virginia Tech. He was previously ranked Challenger (Top 300 or ~Top .02%) within League of Legends (LoL) and coached the Varsity LoL Team at the University of Southern California to their first-ever appearance within the ESPN Esports Top 25 College League of Legends Poll in 2020.


Baro Hyun is currently the Director of Digital Content Advisory at KPMG and the Author of Demystifying Esports. On the topics related to digital content such as gaming, esports, and entertainment, Baro advises global clients on B2B business development, planning, and implementation; providing think tank services for the Japanese government to decide the nation$B!G(Bs public policy implementation professional curriculums at Keio University.


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