Humanitarian Affairs Asia offers internship


Internship Position : Marketing and Communication Intern

Placement Period : April to June 2016 ( 3 months )

Application Deadline : 31 March 2016

Number of Vacancy : 3


How To Apply?

Complete the Internship Application Form and send in your resume to



Humanitarian Affairs Internship Programme offers a learning opportunity to students who are currently pursuing degrees at graduate or undergraduate levels to enhance their resume while working for a cause. Students from diverse disciplines can become a part of this Global Internship Programme as a Marketing and Communication Intern.


The organisation is on the lookout for individuals who have the right learning attitude, strong communication skills, the ability to work well under pressure, and those who are open to experiencing diverse work cultures.


Learning Objectives

-      Teamwork

-      Written and tele-communication skills

-      Flexibility, adaptability

-      Self-management

-      Persuasion skills

-      Problem-solving

-      Professional writing

-      Marketing skills

-      Working in an intercultural environment

-      Working under pressure

-      Public speaking

-      Research skills

-      Event management during the conference

-      Leadership skills




  1. Must possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
  2. Good in interpersonal skills, organizational ability and concern about time management.
  3. Should have a multi-tasking ability.
  4. Should have sound negotiation skills.
  5. Willing to work beyond the call of duty.
  6. Creativity and an out of the box thinking leading with imagination.
  7. Ability to work under tremendous pressure and cope up with tight deadlines and outdo from others.
  8. Ability to speak other languages beside English is an advantage.
  9. Ability to work in a diverse work environment.



  1. Researching markets and recruiting delegates for events
  2. Liaising with marketing and PR partners to promote events
  3. Collating and maintaining databases of stakeholders
  4. Sourcing and securing sponsorship
  5. Developing marketing plans and strategies
  6. Communicating with at least 30 to 35 prospects daily via phone.
  7. Recruitment of delegates for events from all over the world.





  1. To work and live in one of the top 20 most popular tourist destination in the world. Basic accommodation is provided.
  2. To have the privilege to be part of the high level international conference.
  3. Excellent Networking Opportunity as we are expecting 1,000 delegates from around the world!!!


Click on the link to have a better idea on the events that you will be involved in.


This internship program will focus on skills relevant to the global market, equipping you for success as a global citizen. The internship will provide you with an opportunity to overcome your fears by arming you with the skills and tools to succeed in the competitive global market.


This is more than an internship – it’s a unique opportunity to be part of something bigger. Stand out from your peers - join us in Thailand !