Performance_The Island

The Island

  • Date & Time: 02/06/2016 19:30-21:00
  • Venue: Audiovisual Theater, NCCU Art & Culture Center
  • Performer: Mauvais Chausson Dance Theatre
  • Choreographer: Lin I-chin
  • Music Designer: A-Da, Wang Ya-ping (Thread through a Needle)
  • Live Music: The Village Armed Youth Band & Peikuan
  • Lighting Designer: Chiang Chi-yang
  • Dancer: Pan Panay, Haung Wei-jie, Emma Xiao, Wang Wen-lin, Peng Hao-chin
  • Live Band: The Village Armed Youth Band
  • The informal discussion will be held after the show.

Program Synopsis│

The Island talks about relations among people, the land and life as well as the vitality people see after facing their own culture. We begin to ponder: What is the corporality of Taiwan? What is the character of Taiwanese? What does Taiwanese own? We utilize language (Minnan) as starting point to discover the path and energy of body movements through the vocal of traditional opera and to understand the beauty and suppression of this island through the emotions of the families. Instead of searching out excessively, creators of the young generation start looking back at their own land and find peace of mind and sense of responsibility through recognition of this land. The dance Taiwanese dance and the words Taiwanese speak form invincible force and creativity. This picturesque island has a different way of thinking. In this art work, we employ Taiwanese's vigor when swearing as the core of the body, we reveal the suppressive characteristics of Taiwanese through the love kept silent by the families. What do we see after leaving marks on this soil?




About Mauvais Chausson Dance Theatre│

Mauvais Chausson Dance Theater was created in 2012, and the name ("bad shoe" in French) points to the mother of modern dance, Isadora Duncan, who threw off her old ballet shoes and liberated herself in her own way of dancing. This came at a time when ballet was at its peak of popularity and conservatism, and Duncan's actions led to much criticism. However, her bravery also opened the world to new possibilities o the body. Taking Duncan's actions as a starting point, Mauvais Chausson aims to apply the concept "everyone can dance" to break through the restraints of modern life and to face head on issues facing Taiwanese society through performance art. Finally, we hope that our works will encourage performers and audience members to reflect deeply upon their own lives and the land that we inhabit.


Lin I-chin│Choreographer

Lin I-chin is received her MFA from the Dance Department of Taipei National University of the Arts. She is currently artistic director of Mauvais Chausson Dance Theater. Her current work explores the habitual movement and body vocabulary of Taiwanese people

Emma Xiao│Performers

Emma Xiao is received her MFA from the School of Theater Arts of Taipei National University of the Arts. She is an actress, independent performer, educator, and founder of "Feeling Art Theater Troupe."

Peng Hao-chin│Performers

Peng Hao-chin is a graduate of the Taipei National University of the Art, School of Theater Arts. Peng is an actor and freelance performer.

Haung Wei-jie│Performers

Huang is a graduate of National Central University, Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Huang is an assistant of rehearsal at Bulareyaung Dance Company, and dancer at Mauvais Chausson Dance Theater.

Pan Panay│Performers

In 2015 Pan joined Mauvais Chausson Dance theater as a dancer and Multi-X as an actor. From 2013-2014 she was the founder of the Shimmer Plan.

Wang Wen-lin│Performers

Wang is currently a student at the Department of Dance at National Taiwan University of Arts. Wang is fascinated by media that uses the body as its focus, and also worked with Tang Artiest and Knowing theater.

The Village Armed Youth Band│Performers

A-da(Vocal / Guitar / Yueqin), Jazmin (Cello / Melodica), James (Violin / Erhu), A-lu (Liuqin), Bobo (Dizi), Ni Heng-chun (Suona).