Performance_Sing Out Loud on Our Land

 Sing Out Loud on Our Land

  • Date & Time: 11/05/2016 19:30-21:00
  • Venue: Waterfront Experimental Theater , NCCU Art & Culture Center
  • Performer: The Village Armed Youth Band
  • Brief Introduction to the Performers:
    • 【A-da】Vocal / Guitar
    • 【Jazmin】Cello
    • 【James】Violin / Erhu
    • 【A-lu】Liuqin / Ruan
    • 【WuGa】Drums
    • 【Bobo】Dizi / Suona
  • The informal discussion will be held after the show.

Program Synopsis│

The Village Armed Youth Band uses musical performance as a means for thinking through such topics as what it means to be "civilized" and "developed." Their works are filled with hope and passion for the land, and their music is a constant pursuit of truth and justice. They treat each performance as a journey, and each song as a poem for the Taiwanese people. The band fills their music with a love and faith for the earth, and their performances glow with this energy that they hope to give back to Taiwan. There are times when their music is angry and passionate, and times when it is soft and articulate. Regardless of the mood the music takes, this land they live on always inspires their melodies, and the songs exhibit an energy that is pure and moving.

On May 11th at 7:30pm, the Village Armed Youth Band will perform at NCCU, freeing us from the dust of modernity, and transporting us to a land of purity and inspiration, if only for an evening.

About The Village Armed Youth Band│

Formed in 2006, The Village Armed Youth Band is very proactive in expressing its opinions through Taiwanese folk songs and rock, and their style is notably unique. Each individual member is an advocate in the social movements of the development of farmers, the farming industries, and farm villages. The songs that they write and play are in introspects about the relationship between humans and land, reflecting problems that the Taiwan's farm industry is facing. Their instruments include: vocals, guitar, cello, violin, erhu, dizi, suona, liuqin, and drum.

» Reference:

  • 2008-Honorable Mention awarded from the Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest (Hoklo Group), Government Information Office, Executive Yuan
  • 2009-Awarded Production/Recording Funding from Government Information Office, Executive Yuan
  • 2012- Representative as the Taiwanese music band performed at the RIO+20
  • 2014- Invited to perform at the Taiwanese Cultural Festival “Taiwan Fest” in Canada
  • 2014-The album “Where’s Happiness” was awarded “Best Band”, “Best Rock Album”and “Best Folk Song” by the Golden Indie Music Awards from the Ministry of Culture
  • 2014-Awarded “Best Folk Song” for “City of Lost Memories” by the Golden Indie Music Awards from the Ministry of Culture
  • 2014- Awarded “Best Folk Group” at the Guangzhou Mandarin Folk Music Awards

Published albums:

  • 2013 Where's happiness?
  • 2011 White dolphin (EP)
  • 2010 Give my land back
  • 2009 Fuck! The government