Exhibition_Directorial Photography Workshop

Directorial Photography Workshop

  • Date & Time:07/04/2016 18:30-21:30 & 09/04/2016 13:00-17:30
  • Venue: Art Hub, NCCU Art & Culture Center
  • Instructor: Chen Chin-pao (Artist)

Photography, as an artistic medium, is in diverse in its origins as it is in its possibilities of form. After the invention of the handheld Leica camera, "spontaneous photography" had become the most popular photographic form for almost one hundred years. At the time that photography was invented, "staged photography" was somehow popular, but this form later became quite overlooked for some time. After the 1970s, and even until the end of the 20th century, Directorial photography regained prominence.


Chen Chin-pao

Chen Chin-pao has focused on different aspects of photography since the very beginning of his career. It was a series of documentary portraiture, A Moment of Beauty: Betel Nut Girls, to get him to be noticed. He then works on different projects: Circumgyration deals with "pseudo memory" by taking fragments of memories from elementary school students and parents, then have students to stage and to "reenact" the scenes of memory. Heaven on Earth is a project of social landscape to photograph juxtaposed shrines, houses and graves and depict Taiwan as a land shared by gods, humans and ghosts. His latest ongoing project, Ordinary Household, is dedicated to depict contemporary Taiwanese domestic life. Chen was awarded The Overseas Photographer Award of The 26th Higashikawa Award at 2008. He lives and works in New Taipei City, Taiwan.


Photography Workshop Requirements and Enrollment:

  1. Eligible Applicants: NCCU students interested in photography
  2. The Directoria Photography workshop requires full participation for two days of class.
  3. Student limit: 20
  4. Appliation Time: Begins on March 1st, 2016 on the NCCU Website.