Exhibition_Circumgyration Project - Chen Chin-pao's Photo Exhibition

Circumgyration Project
- Chen Chin-pao's Photo Exhibition

  • Date: 17/03/2016-22/04/2016 (Closed on National holidays)
  • Opening Time: Monday- Friday, 11:00 - 17:00
  • Venue: Art Gallery, NCCU Art & Culture Center


  Circumgyration Project
            Written by Chen Chin-pao

Circumgyration is a photographic project dedicated to explore the boundary among reality, truth and memory. The temporality of photography is projected to the status quo and the future. I am always lamenting on the people and things existing before the invention of photography, for they lost the chance to be captured in the image and these moments were gone. That is the reason that I am fascinated to take fragments of memories from others and reenact them in my work. Using the 8 by 10 large format camera with the setup of lightings, I intend to arrest the scenes of these memories which has fleeted away in the past. Therefore, these images may be virtually regarded as the "pseudo memory".