Health Exam Instructions (Form C) for Incoming One Semester Exchange Students

                                          Health Exam Instructions (Form C) for Incoming One Semester Exchange Students


  1. To protect your health and to meet NCCU regulations as well as the requirements set by the Taiwanese government, all new exchange students must complete the examinations listed in Form C and subsequently submit the form to their coordinator at NCCU within one month of the start of the semester (by Oct. 11 2017). Form C lists the medical examination requirements for students who are applying for short-term studies in Taiwan. Any student who fails to provide Form C within the aforementioned time limit will be reported to their department/program, and to the NCCU student housing section (that is, in case the student is residing in one of NCCU’s dormitories).



  1. You can complete the health exam (Form C) in one of the following 3 ways:
  • Do it in your home country.
  • Do it in NCCU: In case you are unable to do the health check in your home country, you can take the exam on the NCCU health examination day (September 2) once you have arrived in Taiwan.
  • Do it at one of the specified local clinics in Taiwan.



  • 持丙表在當地醫療院所檢查
  • 在政大檢查 (健檢日: 106年9月2日)
  • 在台灣指定醫療院所檢查


  1. Do it in your home country在當地醫療院所檢查:
  2. Providing Immunization Certificates or Proof of a Positive Test Result for Antibodies:

      It is essential that you provide all relevant information, such as, the name of the vaccine, the date of the immunization, the name of the hospital or clinic, the signature of the physician administering the vaccine, and the signature of the physician filling in Form C. If the student does not have measles or rubella            antibodies, it is required to have at least one dose of MMR immunization in order to pass the medical examination. (The document is acceptable as long as  the vaccines were given at an age no younger than 1 year old.)

     Both measles and rubella are required. If you’ve only received either one vaccine, you must have the respective other vaccination done on the NCCU health examination day (please also note that vaccinations given in the past are only valid if received at an age no younger than 1 year old).


      學生出具丙表體檢表格中疫苗接種名稱、時間等相關資料須檢附醫療院所、醫師之名稱及簽名、官印用印。如無相關抗體陽性報告,請學生至少完成一劑麻疹及德國麻疹(MMR)之疫苗之接種。(麻疹、德國麻疹接種紀錄,其接種年齡必須大於1歲)。 麻疹與德國麻疹兩個都需要,若只有一個則仍需接種疫苗;其接種紀錄,接種年齡必須大於1歲。


  1. Chest X-ray for Tuberculosis:

       You should complete this specific part of the examination process within three months (one month is recommended) before entering Taiwan. In order to pass this health item, your physician simply has to fill in the required information in the corresponding section of your Form C. That is to say, we DO NOT need nor accept X-ray films or digitalized versions on CDs.




  1. Do it in NCCU在校檢查:
  1. Time體檢時間 : September 2, 2017 (Saturday)    13:30~16:30

                                      106年9月2日(星期六)              13:30~16:30

  1. Venue體檢地點 Room 140104、140105,  Information Building 1st floor


  1. Fee            收費:  Pay cash on the spot  (Items and fees as follows)


  1. Important Notice注意事項:
  • You may only complete one of the exam items at NCCU in case the other item has already been taken care of by a medical facility in your home country.


  • Please bring your passport and a copy of it to the examination.


  • Please wear loose and comfortable clothing during the health exam.


  • After the examination, Form C will be handed back to you, while the NCCU student health center will keep a copy for its records.


 II.Do it at one of the specified local clinics in Taiwan自行至指定醫療院所完成:


  • 外國人體檢醫院自費檢驗(麻疹、德國麻疹抗體檢驗費用依據各家醫院規定,單項費用約200-500元,胸部X光費用約350~500元不等,全部約需1000-2000元),若麻疹、讀國麻疹抗體檢驗,其中一項為陰性,需到外國人體檢醫院自費施打MMR疫苗。
  • 啟新診所自費檢驗



       收      費:新台幣750元整

       地      址:台北市建國北路三段42號4樓


    If students have not completed the health check (Form C) in their respective home countries or on health examination day, they should do the examination at:

   Fee: NT$200-500 for each test (Measles or Rubella). If the result of any item is negative, students need to receive MMR vaccination at their own expenses.

   Additionally, there is a NT$ 350-500 fee for the required Chest X-Ray examination.

  • NCCU contracted Chi Hsin Clinic

   Examination time: September 12 (Tuesday.) and September 14 (Thursday).

   Registration time: 13:00-16:30

   Fee: NT$750

   Address: 4th Floor, No.42, Jianguo North Road, Taipei City.



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