Quarantine dormitory plan

Dear classmates,


It is known that Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) disease is widespread and impending. In the face of the outbreak of this disease, our university has made the decision that if a confirmed case is reported in our university, those who has close contacts with the case has to undergo 14 days of home quarantine. Meanwhile, in line with the regulations of Ministry of Education, our university has to set up a quarantine dormitory for those under quarantine, and the requirement of that dorm includes ‘one student, one room, with a separate bathroom equipment’. For that reason our university has made a plan as follows,


First of all, the  ZihCiang dorm10  will serve as the quarantine dormitory. The reason behind that choice is that ZihCiang dorm10 is a better fit for the requirement of a quarantine dormitory. That is because ZihCiang dorm10 has an independent air-conditioning without affecting each other.

Therefore if you are living in dorm ZihCiang10 and wish to change rooms, or if you choose to leave the dorm, you may come to the Student Housing Service Section , 3F of Administration Building for needed procedures. However if you wish to change rooms, the choices available are moving to our vacant beds. If you wish to leave dorm, we will refund you the full dorm fees. Also we are sorry for causing your inconvenience.


Secondly, in the event of the confirmed case, the priority of expropriating dorms of our university will be Building A and Building B of ZihCiang dorm10 in sequence. And the expropriation will be performed, based on the number of quarantined students, down from the highest floor. When the rooms of   Building A and Building B of ZihCiang dorm10 is not enough to go around, the Building A and Building B of ZihCiang dorm10 will also be expropriated, from the highest floor down to the ground floor.


Thirdly, if the university started the ‘quarantine dorm’, all the students in the specified area have to move out of the dorm.


Fourth, when the expropriation kicks off, we will provide the vacant beds for the affected students to move in, and the difference of dorm fees will be refunded. If the vacant beds are insufficient or if the student is unwilling to live in the specified dorm, we will refund the full dorm fees.


For the purpose of combating the disease, some means have to be resorted to while some measures will likely cause your inconvenience.  In the mean time, we need your consideration and assistance. Thanks for your cooperation.



Student Housing Service Section of Student Affairs Office