Our Staffs

Acting Director

Name Title Phone  ext. 
Hsueh, Huey-miin

Acting Vice President for Student Affairs

02-82377430 77430



Name License/Title Education Phone  ext. 
 Wang, Yu-Chun Counseling Psychologist  M.A., College and Community Agency Counseling, New York University, USA 02-82377408 77408
 Lee, Ching-Yin  Counseling Psychologist M.Ed., Educational Psychology and Counseling, National Pingtung University  02-82377411 77411
 Kao, Li-Wen  Counseling Psychologist M.S., Psychology, National Cheng-Chi University 02-82377404 77404
Hong, Yi-Han  Social Worker M.A., Sociology, National Cheng-Chi University 02-82377402 77402
 Huang, Hsiao-Ling   Counseling Psychologist M.A.,Counseling Psychology-emphasized in MFT, University of San Francisco, USA  02-82377405 77405

 Shen, Hsin-Wei   


 Counseling Psychologist

English Counseling

M.Ed./Ed.S., Marriage and Family Counseling, University of Florida, USA 02-82377429 77429

 Kuo, Yeh 


 Counseling Psychologist

English Counseling

M.A.,Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness, New York University, USA 02-82377440 77440
Wu, Mei-Hsien

Counseling Psychologist

English Counseling

M.A., Expressive Therapies: Dance Therapy and Mental Health Counseling, Lesley University, USA 02-82377407 77407
HO, Shu-Mei Counseling Psychologist M.A., Counseling and Applied psychology, National Taichung University of Education 02-82377415 77415



Name License/Title Phone  ext. 
Lin, Yo-Shan Registered Professional Nurse 02-82377431 77431
Hsu, Pei-Yu Registered Professional Nurse 02-82377423 77423
Ko, Yueh-Ling Registered Professional Nurse 02-82377425 77425


Resource Room (Disability Services)

Name License/Title Education Phone  ext. 
Hsu, Li-I Clinical Psychologist  M.S., Psychology, National Cheng-Chi University 02-82377401  77401
Chang, Wen-Ni Social Worker M.S., Early Intervention, Chang-Gung University 02-82377406  77406
Chen, Cheng-Chia Clinical Psychologist M.S.,Behavioral Neuroscience & Psychiatric Medicine, National Cheng-Kung University 02-82377416  77416
Chi, Ni-Ti Counseling Psychologist M.Ed., Educational Psychology and Counseling, National Taiwan Normal University  02-82377432  77432
Wu, Chung-Wei Social Worker M.S. student, Special Education, National Taiwan Normal University 02-82377421  77421


Support Staff

Name Title Responsibilities Phone  ext. 
Lee, Su-Chiu Counselor
  • Organizing the Academic Advising Program and planning the related activities and meetings
  • Budgeting the subdivision
  • Managing and maintaining the subdivision's computer system  
02-82377403 77403
Lin, Yu-Fan Administrative Officer
  • Assigning projects and processing official documents related to Northern Taiwan Counseling Center Association
  • Administration of general business related to Physical and Mental Health Center
02-82377412 77412